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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Should I Increase The Rent On My Property?

Asking for a higher rent may seem like a good idea, but here is something to think about: tenants, unlike homebuyers, do not usually make offers on properties. If a prospective tenant looks at your property and believes it to be overpriced, they will often move on to the next property, leaving your property vacant. So, you can lose lots of qualified tenants in the hope of higher rent. Another factor to consider is that most of the inquiries occur during the first two weeks of advertising, after which they drop off sharply. It is therefore in your best interest to come out with your best price first, versus risking a potentially extended vacancy period for only a few dollars more.

Moreover, many qualified tenants searching online put in rent limits, which can make it that your property is not even displayed to a potential renter. We perform a competitive market analysis that will provide you the most return on your investment. We achieve this by giving you upfront the amount of rent your property will bring, taking into account many different factors not often considered by other companies.

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Our property management strategy is guaranteed to save you money at every stage of the process. We make it easy to protect your investment, minimize costs, and maximize your income—without interrupting your daily life.

If you are interested in having your rental property managed by Real Property Management Asset Solutions, have more questions, or just want to speak to one of our team members, then contact us online or call us directly at 954-889-5627 today!

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