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How to Get Your Deposit Back When You Own A Pet

Miami Dog Sitting on Moving BoxesMost Miami renters know that when you keep a pet in a rental house, you take on a major responsibility. Not only do you have to keep your pet safe and healthy, but you also have to keep your rental home safe from pet damage as well. A lot of renters lose their security deposit because of pet damage. Even when your landlord lets you keep a pet, you would still have to return their property in good condition once you move out. You need to minimize pet damage if you want to get your security deposit back while owning a pet. These helpful tips will keep your animal from causing any major damage to your rental home.

Keep Claws Busy

Scratching is a natural habit for cats and some other household pets. But to protect your rental house, you have to keep scratching behaviors away from floors and walls. If you have cats, give them a scratching pad or post. It does not have to be fancy, even an inexpensive one will do to keep your cat from scratching on other surfaces. Cats are drawn to scratching pads or posts but you can also encourage its use by using pheromone sprays and wipes.

Keep Boredom at Bay

Boredom is one of the most common reasons a dog will bite or chew on walls, doors, and other household surfaces. Have regular exercise and playtime so your dog will not chew on stuff in the house. Dogs expend their pent up energy when they have regular exercise. This will help reduce the amount of chewing he does. Mental stimulation is also as important. If you have a smart dog, teach him some tricks to occupy him as you also build your bond.

Proper Potty Training

Housebreaking a dog is also a very important part of protecting your rental home from lasting damage. Walls and floors are easily damaged by the destructive nature of dog and cat urine. If possible, let your dog have access to a yard during the day. Provide litter boxes for cats and keep the litter clean every day. If you still find spots and accidents around the house, it might be time to bring your pet to a veterinarian. Pets may have physical conditions that cause them to lose control of their bodily functions, most of which can be addressed with the right treatment. As soon as you find a potty mess in the house, use a good enzymatic cleaner to clean it up. This type of cleaner eliminates odors and encourages your pet to avoid the area in the future.

Manage Anxiety

Some pets feel very anxious when they are left at home alone. Dogs may become agitated and may bark, jump, or chew on blinds, doors, and even carpet. If you know there will be times you will have to leave your pet home alone for hours every day, you must work with him to reduce or eliminate these behaviors. Separation anxiety can be managed by creating a routine. Whenever you leave, go through the same motions in the same order. Don’t make such a big deal out of leaving or coming back. Also, wait until your dog has calmed down before giving any affection. This will reinforce the behavior and you will notice a reduction in the intensity of his excitement the next time he meets you at the door.

These strategies can prevent damage to your rental house and increases the chances of you getting your full security deposit back, all the while also making your pet happy and healthy.

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