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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Xeriscaping: What it is and How it Can Benefit You

Hollywood Rental Property with a Xeriscaped YardAs an investor, one important concern of yours should be ensuring your Hollywood rental properties have beautiful yet low-maintenance landscaping. There are a number of options you can choose from. One is xeriscaping, which is quickly becoming popular around the country. Xeriscaping may have been initially common in desert areas, but it has now become the landscaping method of choice for rental property owners in many different places. Xeriscaping is an attractive choice because it offers many direct benefits to both owners and tenants. Choosing to xeriscape a yard is an individual choice. Deciding on it may become easier if you first understand what xeriscaping is and how it can benefit you.

When you know what xeriscaping is — and is not– you can figure out if this is the best landscaping option for your properties. There are a number of misperceptions about xeriscaping. Some believe that a xeriscaped yard would not have grass or trees. This is certainly untrue. Xeriscaping is an approach or style of landscaping that lets you use smaller amounts of water more efficiently. This involves reducing, but not eliminating, lawns or flower beds, planting hardy, drought-resistant trees and shrubs, and adding decorative rocks or other “hardscaping” elements.

This landscaping approach has many benefits. When you plant trees and shrubs that need less water, you also reduce your utility costs. Most xeriscaping uses a drip system to deliver water directly to the plants, therefore avoiding waste. Xeriscaping is also an ideal aid for preventing soil erosion. In wet conditions, decorative rock can help stabilize saturated soils, control drainage, and keep running water away from your property’s foundation. In dry climates, decorative rock is used to prevent wind erosion and to cover unsightly bare patches under trees or in shady parts of the yard.

Decorative rock comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, so you can easily customize your landscaping design. Achieving a xeriscaped yard for less money is possible especially if you can find and use low-cost or even free materials. Consider the eye-catching appeal of a path made from river rock or pebbles curving across the yard. There are a number of ways to landscape with rocks attractively, consequently this has become one of the preferred landscaping options of investors who want beautiful landscaping year-round.

Another important benefit of xeriscaping is that it is very low-maintenance. Smaller lawn areas mean less mowing and trimming while still maintaining curb appeal. Hardy trees and plants tend to be slower growing, and often require less trimming. Tenants may be drawn to how little maintenance the yard requires, and they will likely stay longer. You will have a lower water bill, and your rental home will look well-kept from season to season.

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