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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Leaves in the Gutters? Clean ‘Em Up!

Miami Rain Gutter Full of Leaves Being Cleaned OutThe minute autumn arrives, and the leaves start to fall, this can frequently mean that most gutters are clogged with debris. To keep your Miami rental property in brilliant condition each year, it is indispensable to make cleaning gutters a standard part of your property maintenance routine. But who should be responsible to clean them out? You may think that asking your tenant to do the job is a good idea but bear in mind that there are important reasons why you should not have them perform regular gutter maintenance. Despite the fact that they appear to be fit for what they are doing, asking a tenant to clean your rental ‘property’s gutters could lead to serious injury or property damage, both of which could result in expensive problems later.

Functioning gutters are an essential part of preventing expensive repairs. Overflowing gutters can wind up with damaged foundations, roofs, and other structural elements of the property. They can likewise attract insects and other pests, also other health hazards like mold. When gutters are not cleaned on a regular premise, they can trigger serious issues that you might not be able to see until ‘it’s exceptionally late.

Cleaning gutters is not a difficult task, yet it requires a whole of time and careful comprehension of how to do it effectively. The right equipment is required, and proper safety procedures should be observed. Most gutters can be cleaned with a ladder, hose or sprayer, and a trowel or plastic scoop. Using these tools, you can easily remove large debris from the gutters to keep water flowing in the right direction. ‘It’s imperative that you make sure to move debris away from the downspout and check vertical pieces of the gutter for blockages. Flushing these parts with a hose can be quite effective in most cases. Other approaches may use a power washer to get the more stubborn dirt out of gutters and downspouts but must be used with care or risk damaging the gutters or even the house itself.

This is part of why asking your tenant to perform gutter maintenance is not a good idea. Your tenant may have no clue about how to clean a gutter without damaging it, or even without causing damage to the roof, siding, and other areas of the house. Even tenants who have only good intentions may accidentally cause damage that will be expensive to repair. Similarly, if a tenant cleans the gutters yet makes a less than impressive job of it, you may not realize that there is a problem for months or even years. Assuming the job has been done correctly could cost you months or even years down the road.

One more angle to consider ‘tenant’s health and safety. To reach the gutters, it is often necessary to use a ladder and other equipment notorious for causing accidents and injuries. By one estimate, there are more than 36,000 deaths from falling off ladders in the United States every year. Ladder-related injuries are even higher, with more than 164,000 accidents reported annually. With such big risks involved, it’s anything but a smart to ask your tenant to get on a ladder to perform property maintenance on your rental. Should they fall and hurt themselves, you could be sued and found liable to pay their medical and legal expenses.

Cleaning the gutters on your rental property once or twice a year can help keep your tenants safe and avoid expensive repairs. Regardless of whether you do it without anyone else’s help or contract an expert to do it for you, the time and costs included are little as compared to the consequences for not ensuring your gutters are properly maintained. At Real Property Management Asset Solutions, we include regular gutter maintenance with our other quality property maintenance services in Miami. With our assistance, you will have more time to focus on the more valuable aspects of your real estate investing business. For more information, contact us or call us at 954-889-5627 today.

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