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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Pros and Cons of Investing in an Older Home as a Rental Property in Pompano Beach

Two Garage Brick House in Pompano BeachThe idea of investing in older single-family homes with the intention of using it as a rental property can be a successful strategy. Be aware though that some several pros and cons come when one chooses older homes over the newer ones. To state an example, older homes are usually packaged with a great location, lower purchase price, and a more stable market rate. Yet, the downsides also follow when purchasing an older home, things like a higher cost of repairs and improvements, lower energy efficiency, and the risk of losing out on widespread renter appeal. So, if you are on the hunt for your next investment property in Pompano Beach, both the pros and cons should be considered carefully before making any final decisions.

Among the several advantages to purchasing older homes to use as rental properties, probably one of the most significant ones an older home offers is the location. Unlike newer homes that manage to have been placed far from many of the area’s best amenities, older homes can often be found within a short distance of desirable social and commercial areas. For Millennial renters, young professionals, or seniors who are aiming to relish their retirement, a rental home with effortless access to the city center or other attractions can be a strong point. Older properties also tend to be located in reputable neighborhoods, which characteristically have more predictable rental rates. Being able to reliably forecast your rental income is one of the most important benefits of buying an older home.

In more ways than one, older homes offer the benefit of being more affordable than new construction. This can significantly lower the upfront cost of the property and allow investors to govern how much money is being used upon any improvements or upgrades. While an older home is expected to need some work, investors can control costs by choosing to do some of the work themselves or by scheduling projects to maximize cash flow. Contingent on the age and condition of the home, investors, may also be able to bank on higher quality construction and a more old-style floor plan. Such features may entice specific demographics, particularly renters looking for a home with a unique look or feel.

Even though these benefits can make older homes an attractive option for investors in Pompano Beach, there are also some drawbacks. Older homes tend to have outdated heating and cooling systems, plumbing and wiring problems, and so forth. They may also have code compliance issues, which can be an expensive fix. Windows in older homes are often less energy efficient than newer ones, creating higher energy bills and making it difficult for tenants to control the temperature inside the home.

Unlike basic maintenance and repairs, older homes also bear the risk of expensive updates and improvements to make the home both safe for occupants and attractive to potential tenants. The more expensive upfront costs that arise may embed a short-term strain on your cash flow, making it important for investors to feel positive about funding repairs, big or small.

Further potential disadvantages of buying an older home possibly will be the structure of the neighborhood. It is vital to gather detailed information on a neighborhood beforehand, thoroughly checking for signs of neglect. More often than not, the area in which the home you select may be due for a water main, or sewer line upgrade and these projects frequently come with a hefty special assessment or tax to the owner that can be payable instantly. If the area is in decline, property prices may be low but so too might be the home’s expected future market value.

Older houses can make excellent investment properties, but they can also become a depleting asset on an investor’s finances. Although old houses contribute many features that newer homes do not, careful evaluations, and market assessments are an absolute necessity. At Real Property Management Asset Solutions, we can help investors evaluate and vet potential rental properties as well as give accurate information about the home’s neighborhood and the current state of affairs in regards to the rental market in Pompano Beach. We are genuinely committed to helping real estate investors make the best possible investment decisions. Contact us online or call 954-889-5627 for more information on how we can help you.

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