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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Get More Done When You Work from Home

Working from home comes with a number of advantages. However, there are also some challenges. Maintaining focus and productivity is one of the biggest concerns of many remote workers in Fort Lauderdale. A lot of distractions and interruptions can threaten to disrupt your work when you are at home. To make sure that you get a lot done when you work from home, you must be able to plan your day the right way. These tips will enable you to get more work done by staying focused each day.

“Commute” to Work

When you are at home, your “road” may just be the hallway, but this act of “traveling” to your workspace will help a lot when you are working at home. When you separate your workspace from where you sleep or rest, you begin to train your mind to focus more as you work.

Start Strong

Maximize the first 15 minutes of your workday. The way you begin your day can set the tone for the rest of your working hours. Use those 15 minutes wisely so you prepare yourself to focus and work productively. Organize your workspace and do some light stretches to ease your muscles. These routines help start off a productive workday.

Make a Schedule

Working from home usually gives you more flexibility in your schedule. However, low productivity can still result from poor planning. Those who have been successful in working from home know that a schedule is important to help you stay on track –and even, for some, to save yourself from burnout. Your daily schedule should include breaks for meals, relaxation time, and set times for checking email and social media. Take frequent short breaks to keep yourself productive. Every hour, take 5 minutes of rest. If you do this, your mind and body will have time to relax and you won’t get tired too quickly.

Focus on Health

Giving yourself a lunch break and making sure that you take care of your health is a vital part of maintaining productivity when working from home. Have healthy meals and snacks at the ready. This helps you avoid reaching for whatever is available when hunger strikes. It is also important to move around. Schedule physical activities into your day. Regular exercise helps in getting more work done. And, stand, stretch, and walk around often. Long-term sitting has been shown to lead to debilitating health conditions. Health problems like these are easily avoidable by simply moving more during the day.

Go with the Flow

When you know how your body behaves, you could find ways to get more work done. Have you noticed that every person feels more awake and energetic at certain times of the day? When you work with your natural rhythms and schedule heavier tasks for these peak periods, you will be able to work more effectively than when you do it at a different time. If you need to clear your inbox before you feel you are ready to get on work mode, do it. Just ensure that you have scheduled your time to take full advantage of your energy flow throughout the day.

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